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Here are the fundamental differences between a private yacht charter and a cruise ship vacation.
Cruise Ship Yacht
Shore Excursions 
Organized in advance, with no changes to departure or return times. Usually include at least a dozen people, with other passengers who are strangers to you.     
Whenever you wish, with total flexibility on departure and return times. Go ashore in your yacht's private dinghy, with only your family and friends.
At a predetermined time on some ships, at your leisure on others. Inside large dining halls or, for an extra fee, in smaller restaurants. Menu designed to suit the masses.
Whenever you like, on your yacht or at a restaurant onshore. Cook for yourself while bareboating or have a chef on a crewed yacht create a personal menu to your taste.
Water Sports 
An extra expense, except for onboard swimming pool. Timing determined in advance, like shore excursions, with no changes for weather or mood.
Whenever you like, for free on crewed yachts. On bareboats, rent your gear for the week and use it again and again, or bring your own gear and use it for free.
Shows and Activities   
Free shows and games including musicals that you see with hundreds of other people. Predetermined by the cruise ship, no alternatives.      
Onshore theaters, eateries, and bars, depending on your cruising area. Onboard films, cards or midnight swimming, as the mood strikes.
Like hotel staff, hourly workers taking care of countless families and couples simultaneously.
Tend to your group exclusively. Yacht owner's personal staff, one-on-one service.

Flexible Pricing: The way you choose to use your yacht—and it is your yacht for the duration of your cruise vacation—will determine the total amount of money you spend. Unlike cruise ships, the pricing structures of charter yachts are more variable. Unlike cruise ships, the pricing structures of charter yachts are more variable.  Details of the customary expenses are well defined prior to purchase and will vary according to itinerary and special requests.

You can learn more about private charter and how to compare charter yacht prices on an apples-to-apples basis against cruise ship expenses at charterwave to view the typical differences between charter yacht and cruise costs.